Heidi & Austin's Nauvoo, Illinois Wedding

It was a cold, rainy and very windy morning when Austin & Heidi were married at the Nauvoo Temple in Nauvoo, Illinois. But that wasn't stopping us from getting out there and getting all the photos that we possibly could.

We had to be creative with our location choices in order to keep Heidi & Austin somewhat out of the pouring rain. After getting the family photos near the grand entrance of the temple, we took a chance and ran out to get a couple photos in front of the temple. The wind was so strong it turned my umbrella inside out as I ran. Thankfully, the whole family came together to help me out. They were beyond accommodating. They held umbrellas and did their best to shield us from the rain and wind. It was a wild moment. From there, we went to the visitor's center down the hill to take advantage of the pretty brick arches.

I knew the rain was coming from the north, so what we really needed was a south facing porch. I suggested we visit the Heber C. Kimball home. Heidi likes rustic vibes, so we visited Nauvoo State Park last. I chose a tree line that would help shield us from the rain and wind - and it actually worked out nicely! Family members stuck with us the whole time, helping us whenever they could. We wrapped up pictures at their rental house that overlooked the Mississippi River, where we could all be warm and dry.

Their wedding day was so beautiful. The love between Heidi and Austin radiated, they were just natural in front of the camera. I loved working with this stunning couple and their entire family. It was an absolute joy and honor to be their photographer.