About Me

Hey there! My name is Brittany Howe. I live in Warsaw, IL with my husband, 2 wild children and 2 crazy dogs. When it comes to photographing, families, high school seniors, and milestones throughout life are what I am most passionate about.

When I was a kid, I would often buy disposable cameras and have my grandma drive me around to take pictures. I liked photographing the river, the geese and wildlife along the river, architecture and landscapes. My dad must have noticed my interest in photography because he then bought me my first "fancy" camera. This is still back in the ol' film days, when it was exciting to turn in your roll of film and anxiously wait for them to be developed to see your creation. I thought I was so cool with my new camera. But then something happened in my life that caused me to fall into a depression. I went to an extremely dark place. I lost myself. I lost my hobbies. I lost my desire to take photos. My depression was far too deep and it took years to escape. When I decided to go back to college, it was to find myself. While the "Mom" title is the absolute BEST title ever, there was still something missing. And while I was working on my degree, something clicked. I found something I lost so many years ago. I was majoring in Graphic Design, but I fell in love with all things Art. From drawing to watercolor, even oil and sculpture. But photography classes were offered and something inside me sparked, a flame from my childhood reignited. I immediately went and bought a camera. I just took pictures of my kids at first. And when my classes started I branched out to my assignments. As I progressed my professors must have seen my passion, because they got me an internship at the University's Visual Production Center. There I learned so much with lighting and posing and all of the technicalities of photography. It was there that I realized I wanted photography to be my thing. The fact that I could work through an internship with no pay and then get hired as a Student Photographer for minimum wage said a lot. I loved what I was doing and I didn't care about the pay. From there, I worked on growing my own business. I feel like I have come full circle. Like, I won a battle I had been unknowingly fighting for almost 20 years (Yikes!). Through photography I was able to reclaim joy, find my artistic outlet, rediscover a buried passion, all while documenting this wonderful life not just for myself, but for others!