Ready for a Mini Media Day experience?

I believe that your photo day should be a fun and memorable experience. As I have navigated the school & sports volume side of photography, I have noticed that more and more we're turning to more of a media day style session. And, well, I'm here for it! I love seeing young athletes showing off their skills and having fun with their photos. My goal is to build confidence through photography. Coaches and directors are welcome to choose whether we go all out or keep it simple. I'm on your timeline.

My other goal: Making life as easy as possible on parents. I currently offer a hybrid of online ordering and paper order forms. If ordering online isn't your jam, paper is here for you! Will we eventually go to all online? Possibly. But for now, I understand that it's not for everyone and I do my best to be as accommodating as possible.

I offer a variety of prints and products, from good ol' prints to metal key chains and bag tags, the classic button, beloved magnets and fun pop sockets! And yes, digital is an option too. Even better, when you order online YOU get to customize your products and mix and match prints.

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What have I photographed?


From Elementary age up to High School, and even College. School affiliated or not. I got you! We can bring the smoke and gels or keep it classic.


Don't forget about Band, Choir and other school activities that might need commemorated with photos!

Dance Studios

Dance Studio Photography has been some of my favs to photograph!

Have a vision? Let's work together to create stunning portraits!


This one was a huge undertaking, but I'm so proud to have educated myself and perfected school portraits. Whether I'm on the Elementary or High School side, I adore working with the students. This isn't a "say cheese & click. Okay, bye" situation. I care how your photos look and I want you to love them.

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