Welcome to Brittany Howe Photography's

location guide!

Not quite sure where you want to go? Check out these options with corresponding images to show off the location. Be sure to click on images to see the full photo!

Wildcat Park - Hamilton, IL

This park offers a variety of scenes with treed areas, a creek, trails, footbridge, and more! This location is perfect in the summer and fall.

Hamilton, IL Riverfront & Boat Launch (below the dam)

This is about as beachy as you're going to get locally! This location offers sand, treed areas, tall grass/weeds that photograph nicely, and a small portion of the old bridge. Backgrounds include the lock & dam, old Keokuk-Hamilton bridge and, of course, the river. And if you're lucky, we'll catch an epic sunset here!

Jim Repplinger Field - Hamilton, IL

Are you a football player or football cheerleader for the West Hancock Titans? This location is for you!

Friendship Bridge - Warsaw, IL

Or whatever it is that you call it. The cute foot bridge in Warsaw! While posing here is pretty limited, it's a great add-on location if you would like to spot hop. I wouldn't recommend this for little bitty kiddos.

Private Field - Warsaw, IL

This location is at a friend's private field. Depending on the time of year, there are wildflowers, pasture, trees (and a tree tunnel, who doesn't love some tree tunnel vibes?!), a creek (if it isn't dry), and it can be a great location at sunset with the sun peeking through the trees. So many things! It's great for families, seniors, and couples!

Football Field & Track - Warsaw, IL

(Currently under construction)

Football Players, Football Cheerleaders and Track, this is your place for sportraits!

Geode - Warsaw, IL (Behind Henerhoff)

This location has an amazing oak tree, plus a creek (if it's not dry), flowers and log cabins.

"Downtown" - Warsaw, IL

I know, Warsaw is a tiny town. But the amount of random locations we can use while just walking around is abundant! You'd be surprised!

Warsaw, IL Riverfront

We can bring the drama or keep it low-key. But our little riverfront offers some great sunsets with a minimalist background of trees across the river. Most areas are either rocky or dirt/mud and glass is always a possibility. If you have little ones, I recommend shoes.

Brittany Howe Photography Studio - Warsaw, IL

Did I mention my studio is in Warsaw? It's cozy. It has great light and a beautiful brick wall. Plus, I have a bunch of seamless paper options and different backgrounds. If you give me a big enough heads up, we can order you a specific seamless color background. Plus, we can play with fun lighting options!

Train Depot - Keokuk, IA

It has great lines, it's grunge, it has lovely doors. It's a good rustic yet urban location.

Rand Park - Keokuk, IA

If you're looking for a well-manicured park location, Rand Park is it! It offers a flower garden, a pond with a fountain, an amphitheater, and open areas with some trees.

Random Spot Hopping - Keokuk, IA

Checking out alleyways and random little locations in Keokuk is perfect for seniors! Let's just look for cool brick walls, cute stairs, and anything that catches our eye!

Nauvoo, IL

I'm going to lump Nauvoo into one for now. The locations are endless. White picket fences, gorgeous tall grasses with trees, manicured flower gardens, the Temple, river views, creeks, stone arch bridge. Typically, a session in Nauvoo consists of just spot hopping. Though sometimes we do stick to one location. This is up to you and how you want to spend your time with me. If something catches your eye, show me the image and I'll know exactly where to lead you.

1884 On The Bluff - Montrose, Iowa

This location is absolutely stunning! There are so many photo options, I don't even have photos to show them all! In the summer you will find their beautiful zinnia field. It's perfectly intimate and the sun is filtered through surrounding timber. There is also a rustic barn, an old stone farmhouse, so. many. options!

There is an extra fee to do photos at this location. Contact me for more information.

Starrs Cave - Burlington, Iowa

A perfect nature location! The creek is always running, rock wall, bridge, timber, and trails!

Downtown Burlington

Here we can find all the awesome urban spots plus Weird Harold's and Snake Alley!

Quincy, IL

The parks, trails and downtown area of Quincy are all perfect locations for your photo session!