Yay! You've booked your motherhood mini!

Here's what to expect!

Motherhood minis are 15 minutes and are meant to be laid back and fun. We'll do a lot of snuggling, tickling and playing during this time. I will also have fun, neutral props for you and your littles to interact with. Please have your kids well rested and fed prior to the session - and maybe some snacks for afterward too. Try to hype up the kids leading up to the session. Let them know what we'll be doing, tell them how fun it will be and that we'll be playing games. Feel free to bring things like loveys to help get the little ones comfy. And hey, I'm not above some "bribery". Celebratory ice-cream in exchange for some smiles is always a win in my books. Positive rewards lead to positive associations with photography in the future. Lastly, avoid letting them fall asleep in the car on the way to your session.

What to wear

What is your favorite outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks? Wear that! If you feel good and comfortable, it will show! Start with your outfit and then coordinate the littles' outfits with yours. Be sure to coordinate and avoid too much matching.

Most of the set will be neutral colors. For your attire, I do recommend starting with soft neutral tones (black, white, tan) and pops of muted color (sage, blush, muted orange).

You don't need to go out and buy anything, but if you're looking for a reason for some new clothes here is your chance! You can check out local boutiques, Target, Bailey's Blossoms, or other online stores for some cute outfit choices for you and the kids.

But how about hair and makeup?

I suggest keeping your hair down as it creates flow and movement in your photos. If you prefer to wear your hair up, I would avoid anything stiff. Go for loose braids instead! Also avoid getting your hair cut right before your session, especially a dramatic new haircut. If you just need to trim, try to schedule that about 1 week prior to photo day.

A photoshoot is not the time to try out a dramatic new makeup look that you don't normally wear. Timeless photos will be ones that are not dated by the latest makeup trend. Think classic, fresh, and natural makeup looks. If you use fake lashes, be sure they are fully attached.

And don't sweat the small stuff. Did a zit pop up overnight? No worries. Avoid messing with it and let my photoshop magic take care of it!

During your session

Motherhood minis will be taking place in my studio in Warsaw. The exposed brick and large front windows will give warmth to the space for all the cozy vibes. There will be a cozy bed, a funky chair, maybe a couch, and floor space for interacting and playing.

I'll guide you as we won't be doing many posed photos. We will go through the session with prompts of things to do, how to interact, and once you're comfortable I'll capture you and your littles just being you. Just focus on the kiddos and being present. The goal is to be able to look back on your photos and remember the little moments and feelings in that time.

After your session

Expect to get an email invitation to your online viewing gallery approximately 2 weeks after your session.

You will be able to view and choose your top 10 photos included in the session for your hi-res download.

You will also have the option to upgrade to the full gallery or purchase prints and products through the gallery shop. I have examples if you would like to view and feel the quality of my keepsake boxes and albums.


Can I bring grandma?

Someone to help with your kiddos is welcome. However, please limit your session to your household. If you would like to include people outside of your household, please book back-to-back sessions.

What if we're late?

There is a small amount of buffer time between each session. If you are late, the time will come out of your session time. Please be sure to mark your calendar with your session day and time. And should something come up let me know as soon as possible. <3

After 10 minutes of being late, your session and retainer would then become forfeited.

We woke up sick. Now what?

Sickness sucks and it happens! I ask that you reschedule your session to prevent the spread of germs.